The club urged him to stay. The coach pleaded him to stay and become a club legend. Yet, he chose to experience new pastures and take his game to the next level. He desired to become the successor of the great Andreas Iniesta, but fate had other plans for Philippe Coutinho.

“I would not have left for any other club, but Barcelona is something different. It is a dream, a place of magic for me.” Now looking back, Philippe Countinho will look back and regret what he said. The magic is not appealing anymore, and his dream has turned into a nightmare. It is evident that Barcelona is looking to offload him, and Bayern Munich is not interested in making him permanent. Where will he go now? There a few clubs interested in taking a risk with him, but the latest reports suggest that the Brazilian is keen on a stint with Liverpool again.

Does Liverpool need Philippe Coutinho?

Coutinho is a world-class player. He is the kind of player who can do magic and steal away games from the opponents. He did leave a void when he left Merseyside for Catalunya, but it was blessing in disguise for the Reds. With the arrival of Alisson and Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool has transformed itself into a winning machine.

With a new style of play, Liverpool has progressed on from Coutinho, even without replacing him. They are a team that is defensively rooted and lethal in attack at the same time. So, a significant investment in a former hero is not a necessity for them at the moment.  

Many roadblocks make a potential reunion not feasible. The first stumbling block is the salary. Coutinho will have to take a pay cut if he fancies moving back to his former home. Even if he accepts the pay cut, there are other issues as well. Coutinho would not be a guaranteed starter if he returned to Liverpool.

So, the transfer not happening is the best option for both parties, unless Coutinho is ready to take a pay cut and sit on the bench.

Other options?

With the permanent transfer to Bayern Munich out of the scenario, and Barcelona not wanting him, Where will the Brazilian go? 

A move to Premier League can help Philippe Coutinho revive his career. Chelsea had reported interest in the Brazilian, but with the signing of Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner, a move is hugely unlikely. What about Arsenal? It is a good option, but Coutinho will have to turn his back on the Champions League. A possible reunion with Brendan Rodgers? Why should Leicester spend big, with Maddison and Perez in their ranks?

Maybe a move to Ligue 1 can benefit the Brazilian playmaker. If Neymar departs of Barcelona (which is unlikely given the current financial crisis), Philippe Coutinho can have a final shot in reviving his career in Paris.


In the end, we believe, Philippe Coutinho should have listened to what Klopp said to him.

“There, you’ll be just another player. Here, you can be something more. If you stay, they will end up building a statue in your honor.”

What if he had stayed put?