With over 4.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide and 2,97,000 deaths, the spread of the virus does not seem to be getting any slower. Along with this massive number of death, the virus has also brought the world’s economy down to its’ knees. The adverse effects of the virus are being observed in every single industry in the world. One of the worst-hit industries out of these is the sports industry. These unprecedented times have also left the sports fans, managers and players hanging and wondering of when and how these sports events will resume. Although, the recent resumption of Bundesliga has surely filled the football industry with the hope of a quick recovery and a banging comeback. 


Bundesliga Resumes Behind Closed Doors

COVID-19 has caused the cancellation and postponing of several sports events in 2020. One of the most important of them being the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which has been postponed to July 2021 for the time being. The pandemic has also caused the cancellation of some major football leagues across the world.


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Some of these leagues include the Major Soccer League of the U.S. which has been postponed till the 8th of June, Euro 2020 which has been postponed till 2021 and many more. Although, the resumption of several leagues around the world stands as a bright ray of hope for us. The football league season in South Korea which had been postponed for several weeks was resumed on the 8th of May ascribed to the reducing number of cases in the country. One of the biggest football leagues that resumed in recent times was Bundesliga. The league was resumed on the 16th of May and is being played behind closed doors. 


How Will Football Change?

One of the biggest questions in every football fan, manager, and player’s head right now is- what will football look like post this pandemic? Will we ever be able to resume going to the stadiums and cheering for our favourite teams and players? 

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The answer to that might be quite a difficult one but as several football experts suggest and the current trends predict, these might be the upcoming changes in the industry and the game:


      • There will be a plunge in broadcast rights of football leagues all around the world. And this is what will primarily be driving the wages of everyone associated with the sport.
      • More and more streaming platforms will come up to utilize this novel opportunity of exclusively streaming matches.
      • Platforms will be fragmented into several sports and thus give rise to a huge variety of streaming options for fans sitting at home. 
      • Fewer games will take place which will increase the quality of the game. 
      • As the Athletics Federation of India has recently launched guidelines around preventive practices on-ground, players will no longer be allowed to hug, shake hands or spit on the ground while training or playing. 
      • The Sports Authority of India has also suggested stopping the use of changing rooms with low ventilation and has encouraged practices like disinfecting training equipment after every use and using gyms in shifts for players. 
      • Matches in stadiums are most likely to take place with a minimum number of staff members. No public will be allowed inside the stadium to view the match and all matches will most likely be live-streamed on an online platform or television. 


Football and Kerala: An Unbreakable Bond

With the upcoming football season of 2020 in Kerala, we hope to see a similar trend too. With strict measures in place, no entry allowed to the public and players and staff of the stadium adhering strictly to the guidelines, the resumption of our favourite sport is not a distant dream.

Credits: Football Counter

The pandemic might possibly stop us from going to the stadiums to cheer for our favourite teams, but it will never be able to stop us from celebrating the spirit of football. Be it at our laptops, or our mobile phones, we will celebrate Kerala’s favourite sport and will soon resume cheering at the stadiums!


Here’s to Kerala, and it’s favorite sport!


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