“The break’s done us really well. I think it’s galvanized everyone,” These are the words of Former Manchester United player Andy Cole. Things are looking great at Old Trafford right now. Ole is finally getting hold of his wheel, Paul Pogba is finally coming back to his best, and Anthony Martial is finally starting to show his quality. The signing of Bruno Fernandes has injected a smell of fresh air at Old Trafford. A lot of positive signs in and around Old Trafford. Out of the many positives, there is this guy who is rising slowly and steadily through their ranks. He is Ole’s ambipedal assassin, Mason Greenwood.

As per Squawka, Mason Greenwood is the first teenager to score 15 goals in a season for Manchester United since Wayne Rooney in 2004/05. We all know how talented Greenwood is, but this season he has showcased his quality to the world.

Mason Greenwood: The quality in offer

Mason Greenwood has everything you need as a finisher. Finishing: check, ambipedal: check, composure: check, accuracy: check, Zeal to score goals: check. This lad has everything. The game against Cherries was all about showing the world his quality. 

Let’s dive into some interesting facts now. Mason Greenwood has scored as many Premier League goals this season as Liverpool‘s Roberto Firmino (8). Greenwood has started seven games, while Firmino was in the starting line-up for 30 games. Even though Firmino does a lot more than what a classic number nine does, the number of goals is still a metric to measure the productivity of a striker.

Mason Greenwood could be the next big thing coming out of Manchester United.(Image Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/manchesterunited)

Mason Greenwood is unpredictable. His ability to shoot with both the legs and his excellent shooting skills makes him a difficult player to mark and judge. Along with that, he has the ability to quickly trigger a shot. With all the traits he possesses, he has brought Manchester United a new dimension in their attack. There is another fact that many of us don’t know about the Bradford born player. He was in charge of free-kick duties during his time with the youth sides. Snatching that away from Bruno Fernandes will be a mammoth task, but who knows? Also, adding to all the traits and source of goals mentioned above, in a recent interview with Manchester United’s YouTube channel, he has stated that he is working on his heading ability as well. A 181cm tall forward, who is ambipedal, and can score headers, is the type of player who can strike fear into the opposition.

What does the future hold for him?

Mason Greenwood is just 18 years old at the time of writing. He still has a lot to learn and adapting to do to fit in the Premier League. He does have the calmness and composure to excel in this league. Here is a stat that supports the statement.

“He looks very level-headed as well, which is a big thing, and he’ll be a Manchester United player for many, many years to come.” As Cole said, if he can keep his head cool, he is destined for greatness.

His style does remind us of a “certain” Robin Van Persie. If he keeps up to his early promises, he can even have a stand named after him at Old Trafford, not just emulate Robin Van Persie.


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