Yes, it does sound fancy: The return of the king. Tottenham is almost close to completing a deal for their former hero Gareth Bale. Yes, he was a beast during his time at White Hart Lane, grabbing the player of the season award twice. The question is: Can Bale replicate that again?

When we hear Gareth Bale, the first things that come to our minds are the champions league final heroics. Who can forget the two goals against Liverpool that won them the champions league? Who can forget his goal in the Copa del Rey against Barcelona? His stats for Real Madrid are mind-blowing as well, yet somewhere down the road, it went wrong for the Welshman.

Gareth Bale was a beast when he was fit, but injuries haunted him for a long time in the past few seasons. Let’s take the case of last season. He started 12 LaLiga games and just managed just two goals and two assists. Ok, let’s not talk about stats much. The question is, will Bale do any good for Tottenham Hotspur and Jose Mourinho.

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Current Situation

We still don’t remember the last time Gareth Bale played with some fire under the belly. All we see is a player who fell out of favor with Zinadine Zidane, who makes the headlines for the wrong reasons. Mostly for his on the bench antics, and his golf! Yes, we know Jose Mourinho is a fan of the Welshman, but for enormous money in salaries, is he worth it? £600,000-a-week is what Bale is earning currently at Real Madrid, and even £300,000-a-week seems like an enormous sum for a player past his prime.

From an optimistic perspective, it’s the return of a former hero. A player who conquered the world in their colors, but that’s all in the past now. Last season, he was a highly paid footballer, who preferred to play golf over football. He never played regularly, and when he got on the field, he didn’t show the commitment or thrust to make things happen.

What does it mean for other Tottenham players?

Let’s come to Tottenham’s perspective. They are paying a huge chunk of money to Bale, so they expect him to feature regularly under Jose. If he gets the playtime, who get affected? Kane and Son are guaranteed starters, and Jose won’t risk them. In short, the news of Bale’s arrival is not good news for Lucas Moura, Eric Lamela, and Steven Bergwijn who will be going down the pecking order. Steven Bergwin is 22, and he has the potential to be special. He needs more game time and exposure, and Bale will take that away from him if the Welshman stays fit.


If you are planning to build a long term project, Gareth Bale is not the one you need in your team. As per Jose Mourinho, he wants instant results, and if Bale can stay fit and running in the Premier League, can deliver them. For £600,000-a-week, it’s a big gamble.


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