Kerala’s football fandom is popular not just across India but all over the world. For us Keralites, football is not just a sport, its an emotion. We have grown playing football in our schools, beaches, and streets.

That’s why when it comes to Sevens Football, the tournament is celebrated like a festival. From international players to mind-boggling goals that will leave you at the edge of your seats – Sevens Football Tournament has it all. Read more to know why Sevens Football is Kerala’s absolute favorite:

1 – Shorter Matches:

Sevens Football is our version of traditional 11-a-side football; only better. The matches are only an hour-long which gives us plenty of time to wind up our work in the evening and head straight to the stadium for an exciting match of football. The number of players is lesser and the size of the field is smaller which makes the matches all the more thrilling.

2 – More Entertainment:

The smaller the matches and the shorter the pitch, the more exciting the match is! The players have to score in just an hour which means more action in lesser time. Sevens Football is surely, as entertaining as football gets.


3 – Local Legends:

Sevens Football has given some of the greatest football players to the Indian Football industry. From IM Vijayan, CK Vineeth, Anas Edathodika to everyone’s favorite Ashique Kuruniyan – these are legends who first played at the Sevens Football Tournament and were later recognized for their talent by national coaches. For us Keralites, be it national matches or Sevens Football, they will always be our superheroes and we will always cheer for them at the top of our voices!


4 – Cheap Tickets:

Let’s face it- a 50 rupee ticket is one of the biggest reasons why none of us even has to think twice before watching a Sevens match in the stadium. Not that we wouldn’t be willing to pay more for an hour full of entertaining goals and nail-biting matches, but it is always nice to have to pay so less! An even better reason to buy a ticket- most of the money from the ticket revenue goes to charities and NGOs.

5 – The Stadium Vibes:

You cannot understand the real emotion of Sevens Football and what importance it holds for Kerala until you experience it in a make-shift gallery. The roars, the noise, the beat of the drums, floodlights, and a stadium packed by the sardines – this is what makes Sevens what it is. The energy of the stadium and the nerve-wracking matches leave us, spectators, biting our nails and making us love the game even more!

Do you have anything else that makes you love Sevens Football? If yes, do let us know in the comments below!


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